Our 4-step quality procedure for tyres.

Customers visit us for site inspection tests before loading or we ship
directly according to their needs.


Our technical team starts with a visual inspection. We check for tread depth and ensure that tyres are evenly worn and do not have cracks, cuts, spikes or traces of oil.

Export tyres (outside the EU)
sorted by size

Tyres for export outside the European Union are sorted by size. They can be selected in pairs on request and doubled or tripled to ship efficiently and economically.

Tyres for the European market
are pressure tested

These tyres are not only visually inspected, the testing machine also checks them under pressure.

Tyres for the EU-market are stored by size and in pairs

The tyres for the European Market are sorted by size, type (summer/winter) and come in sets of 2 or 4.

Reusing and recycling tyres

We give tyres a second life

Tyres that meet all quality requirements, will be reused.

Tyres that do not meet our quality standards, are forwarded for repairs, retreading or recycling.

No raw materials are wasted.
We reduce the pressure on the environment.

And so do you.

“We always start with a thorough inspection. Our specialised team has the knowhow to assess whether tyres can be reused or not.”